Rates, Services, and Contact Info

Makeup design/application for film – Day rates begin at $350 for 10 hour shoot day for basic hair/makeup/sfx.  Additional charges may incur based upon the productions needs.  Student films may contact to discuss productions budget and negotiate rates.

Makeup design/application for stage – Contact to discuss budget and effects/time requirements. Flat and hourly rates negotiable.

Facepainting for children and adult parties (birthdays, Halloween, clubs, etc.) – Rates depend on length of time needed, number and age of guests.

Headshots (rates start at $150 for 1 look, makeup and light hair styling.  $25 per additional look)

Fashion/Editorial/Art Photography – Contact to discuss budget.  Flat or hourly rates can be negotiated.

Weddings/Special Events – $125 for bride (makeup only), $75 for each additional face.  Travel not included in rate.

Group and private workshops and tutorials for basic makeup and special effects (children and adults) – For a one and a half hour workshop, a minimum of 4 students is required.  Rates are $50 per student.  Additional materials cost for prosthetic workshops.  Private tutorials begin at $125 for one person/one hour.  $35 per additional student, up to 3 students per private.

Services include:


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